Our Process

POCL’s main strength is its well-qualified and dedicated workforce and we strive to maintain a safe and conducive work environment.

We Work Strictly And Rigorously!

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Research And Development

POCL is aware of the need to keep abreast with the Technological Developments. The research and development wing, which plays a major role in planning and designing to promote advancement of processes and products through systematic activities both basic and applied through market research and customer requirements is always working on new products and product designs. Our research and development is driven by our industry focus and customers ever changing needs and requirements

Smelting And Manufacturing

Drawing upon three decades of experience in metal industry POCL is working to meet changing customer needs through work force development, technology, product delivery, product expansion and resource planning and management. POCL’s Research and Development features an advance technology which will ensure a consistent and efficient production.

Inspection And Testing

Continually improve Quality Management Systems Timely delivery of Quality Products Maintain suitable work environment For Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Technology Updates

POCL’s technology scenario is a rich blend of both self-developed and acquired knowhow. Keeping abreast with technological developments across the industry and adding new products thereby reaping benefits through both basic and applied research. Managing technology and the advantages technology may provide is an ever-demanding process.

 Technology is vital to our business, but that does not translate in always having the latest and greatest piece of equipment or process. We at POCL study our requirements and look for internal as well as external vendors to provide solutions and evaluate our technology goals and requirements before implementation. Techno commercial technology is always on the forefront of our vision.