Lead has been one of the oldest metal known to have widespread uses commonly due of its properties like easy extraction and to work with, highly malleable, corrosion resistant and so on. The largest known pre industrial producer of lead was the Roman economy, which accounted for about 40% of world production back then. The main uses were construction and ornamentation. Even today Lead continues to be used in the modern society extensively and is an ever-growing industry.


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Use of Lead

The largest use of lead is in the lead acid battery industry. It is also used for radiation shielding, ammunitions, roofing sheets, extruded products, solders in the electronic, plumbing and automotive industry. Some other uses like cable sheathing, pigments, glass and others also contribute to the consumption of lead.


Clean, soft scrap lead – RACKS

  Clean Lead solids, Cable Sheathing, Tubes, Pipes, Sheets - RADIO

  Drained/Dry Lead Acid Batteries – RAINS

Scrap wet Whole intact batteries - RINKS

Lead Acid Battery Plates - RAILS

Lead Dross - RENTS

Re-melted Lead ingots/Bullion

High Antimony Lead ingots/Bullion

Lead Ore/Concentrate

Any other form of Lead bearing material / Waste